Baseball is one of Renfield Pumpkin's levels in Peggle Deluxe's Adventure Mode. The level is layed out as a big wall of blue pegs having some defending rhombi around it and below it are pegs. While playing through Adventure Mode the "pegwall" at the start will always be all blue. The way to pass through the level is to either use Spooky Ball to clear out the wall or bankshot through the wall. 

All Masters StrategyEdit

Bjorn: You will see how to bankshot past the wall, making it easier to pass through the level by bankshotting, Super Guide won't help clearing the wall though.

Jimmy Lightning: Multiball is great in this level, it can break the wall and hit a lot of pegs since the level has a lot of them around every corner.

Kat Tut: His Pyramid power is going to help you clear the wall and regain all the Free Balls you used, you just have to time it right.

Splork: Space Blast immediately removes half of the wall making it great for destroying it. 

Claude: Not the best power up... It can help you to flip the ball into the wall or hit other pegs.W

Renfield: Spooky Ball can clear a lot of the wall or pegs if you're lucky.

Tula: Her power-up allows you to light up some pegs that are harder to reach or on the otherside of the pegwall. Her power isn't really useful later on so use it early.

Warren: Hope for a  Magic Hat/Extra Ball/Helping Powerup(anything other than Flower Power, Pyramid or Super Guide) These will help to clear the wall. Extra Ball might leave you at 11 balls if you use it at the start.

Cinderbottom: A strong choice, he can clear the wall with 2 Fire Balls. Just aim them carefully and you might earn a lot of points and destroy a lot of pegs.

Hu: Very reliant on the positioning. If you aim in a bad spot Zen Ball won't help, if you aim in a good spot you don't really need Zen Ball. I personally don't like using him in this level.

Overall StrategyEdit

  • Aim for the wall of pegs. Try to make the shot bounce to a good location.
  • Don't use a master that relies on green pegs at the bottom (someone like Kat Tut) the bottom will be harder to reach.
  • At the start aim precisely to hit both the wall, some orange pegs and the bucket for maximum effort.
  • If you are using a bankshot strategy and using a wall to hit the pegs, when there are 3 pegs remaining and you have the 10x multiplier. If you haven't cleared a lot of the wall of pegs and you can hit more pegs around it, use it to your advantage to get more free balls and points.