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Bjorn - the main character of Peggle series
Games Peggle
Peggle Extreme
Peggle Nights
Peggle 2
Peggle Blast
Culture Scandinavia
Gender Male
Magic Power Super Guide
Special Combo Double Guide
First Appearance Peggle: Peggleland
Peggle Blast: Howdy!

Bjorn with a headcrab in Peggle Extreme.

Bjorn is the first and main character in the Peggle series with Jimmy Lightning, and is the leader of the Peggle Institute. He is also featured on the main menu in Peggle, Peggle Nights and Peggle Extreme


Peggle ExtremeEdit

Bjorn is the only playable character in Peggle Extreme. Bjorn is very smart and noble and is a great leader. He is a great friend and will stop at nothing to win a Peggle match! Some say that he is a machine in the bed.

Peggle BlastEdit

Bjorn came back in Peggle Blast, the newest Peggle game in the series. His ability now draws a colorful line or orange line instead of the old blue one. At the same time, the player will meet Fnord, who is Bjorn's brother and on the evil side.

Super GuideEdit

Super Guide is Bjorn's special ability. It can be used after the turn when the player hits a Green Peg. It can draw up a clear line that guides where the ball will go. After the player aims, the ball will go through the line. In Peggle Blast, it is a colorful line, and sometimes it is orange, meaning the player may get a combo if he or she aims with that line.





  • Bjorn and the pegs made a cameo in Plants vs Zombies, where the orange peg, the blue peg, and Bjorn's skeleton can be seen.
  • Bjorn slightly resembles the character called Shining Armor from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic cartoon series.
  • The Tile Turnip's first costume from Plants vs. Zombies: It's About Time is a reference to Bjorn's hair and horn.

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