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[[File:Peggle Blast Level {{{number}}}.png|center|210px]]Clear 25 orange pegs!
1 Star
2 Stars
3 Stars
Easy-medium Hard Very hard
100,000 200,000 300,000
Peggle Blast
Pegs (available)
    Available balls
    First Master
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    [[Gem Level
    Signal Lattern]]
    [[Regular Level
    Level 135 (Battle 3 of 3)]]

    Cross Guard is the 135th level's part 2 of Peggle Blast. The player must control Buddy in this level. The player needs to clear all the orange pegs. Once success, the player will move to the next part and duel with Fnord. The player don't need to get 100,000 points in this level.


    • You should hit the green peg first to clear the fireballs using Draggable Bucket.
    • Avoid the case that the balls fall into the fireballs to lose the turn of using Draggable Bucket.

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