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Extreme Fever is an event which happens when the player clears all the orange pegs. In Peggle, it uses the remaining balls and converts them into bonus points. The player will receive 10,000 points for every extra ball left over. In Peggle Blast, all remaining balls will be released at once into the game. All will eventually find their way to the free ball bucket sometimes making for more points total than in Peggle. If the player clears all pegs in a level, they will get an Ultra Extreme Fever.

When Extreme Fever is happening the Ode to Joy is played as background music and there are 5 holes at the bottom of the screen. Two are labeled 10,000, Another Two are labeled 50,000 and the middle one is labeled 100,000. These are labeled simply because which ever hole the ball drops down into is the amount of points the player will gain. If you have the Spookyball power activated, (by Renfield) you can score labeled points twice or even three times.

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