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When the player's ball lands in the free ball bucket, they will receive a ball for free as suggested by the name. The free ball goes to the Free Ball Meter. The player can get style points by using the bucket as follows

Free Ball Bucket Style Points: Edit

Lucky bounce: (25000 points) The ball hit the edge of the bucket and hit at least one other peg and bounce back to the bucket.

Free ball skills: (5000 points) The ball hit exactly one peg and directly hit the bucket.

Kick the bucket: (25000 points) The ball hit the bucket's edge and hit the final orange peg.

Mad skillz: (25000 points) Have 5 balls in a row in Free Ball Bucket.

Crazy mad skillz (100000 points) Have 10 balls in a row in Free Ball Bucket.

free ball points: 2000,3000 and 1500.

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