Jimmy Lightning Peggle
Jimmy Lightning - a Winter Gopher.
North American Gopher
Magic Power
Special Style Points
Triple Play (25, 000 pts)
Free Ball Frenzy (100, 000 pts)
First Appearance
Peggle: Birdy's Crib
Peggle Blast: Nuts

Jimmy Lightning is a character in the Peggle series. He lives somewhere in Oregon. He is found in Peggle, Peggle Blast, Peggle Nights, and Peggle 2. The only way to unlock him in Peggle 2 is by purchasing him as downloadable content.


Jimmy Lightning is a Winter Gopher who is the second character in Peggle's Adventure Mode, and also is a member of the Peggle Institute.

Jimmy pops up in the corner of your screen saying various phrases like "Awesome","Dudical",  "Insane" and others, when you get a good Combo of Pegs.

Power Edit

Jimmy's power is Multiball, which spawns a second ball upon hitting of the green peg.

In Peggle 2 and Peggle Blast, however, his power spawns 2 balls instead of one. Also, in Peggle Blast, the balls are actually nuts.

Special Style Points Edit

  • Triple Play (25,000 pts) - Hitting 2 green pegs in a single turn.
  • Free Ball Frenzy (100,000 pts) - Getting more than 2 balls into the Free Ball Bucket.

Multiball MadnessEdit

(25,000 pts) - Hitting the green peg before hitting the last orange peg. It is difficult, if not impossible, to get Ultra Extreme Fever in this way (provided you have 1 blue/purple, 1 orange and 1 green peg in near proximity with each other).