Master Hu
Master Hu Peggle
Magic Power
Zen Ball
Special Style Points
Zen Madness
First Appearance
Spin Cycle

Master Hu's dream become a rock star

Master (of the one true race) Hu is an intelligent owl and is a member of The Peggle Institute. He is the last character you will play as in Peggle's Adventure Mode. Master Hu dreams of being the next rocker, which is confliced by his zen exterior. His signature move is the "Zen Ball", which allows him to adjust his shot using the power of Zen. He is the master of Peggle since his name is "Master" (Hu), and he has the best ability in the game.


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Zen BallEdit

His special power is Zen Ball, which optimizes and fires an alternative and better shot to the one you would have fired. This is useful when making a difficult move, as it will often end up being better than what any player could have done. It is theorized that the ball will also gravitate towards higher valued pegs after being shot and seems to aim at the Bucket more frequently, but this remains to be found out via testing.

Zen MadnessEdit

(25,000 pts) - Hitting both Green Pegs in one turn.




  1. As a good use in Zen ball hit the zen ball between the orange peg and green peg to add power but make sure to shot it into the basket.


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