Obstacles are small elements in Peggle and Peggle 2 and the most common elements in Peggle Blast. In the first old games, they are blocks that cannot be bit by the balls. In Peggle Blast, there are various of obstacles that can make the level much harder.

Block Edit

Block is the first obstacle in the whole series. It also has many appearances. Overall, it cannot be cleared by the balls. However, it can still back ball move on its way like after it hits normal pegs.

Bouncer Edit

Bouncer very rarely appear in Peggle and Peggle 2. They are big circle things that can make ball move farther after it hits it.

Bouncer returns again in Peggle Blast more commonly. It appears as a big blue circle. It has a star in the center. It first appears in Level 6.

Fire Ball Edit

Fire Ball

Fire Ball is a new obstacle that can burn any ball falling onto it. It can only burn 3 balls.

Buttons Edit

Buttons are circle things that can make the blocks visible and vice versa.

Goop Edit

Goop is a black obstacle that appears on pegs. It prevents the ball from jumping. Gooped pegs take 2 hits to clear.

Time Bomb Edit

Time Bomb

Timb Bomb has a timer. When its number reaches 0, it will explode and the player will lose the level.

Gnome Edit

Gnome can create goop on pegs. It always create goop on orange pegs first.

Armored pegs Edit

Armored pegs are pegs that takes 3 hits to clear. There is also one-layered armored peg that appears in Tula's world.

Spider Edit

Spider can shot out webs that bounds the pegs.

Wrap Hole Edit

Popfrog Edit

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