The following is a list of all the found glitches in Peggle Blast. Feel free to add one if you discover one that is not written here.

This glitch happens before level starts. Select a level of Warren's levels. Slide left character gallery to Tula. Sometimes Tula disappears. İt doesn't effect gameplay, however.

Screenshot 2015-01-29-16-09-39
In version 1.5.0.

İn gem drop levels, sometimes gem (only one in same time) stay suspended in the air close to bucket. İf you shoot one ball, it will falls.

Screenshot 2014-12-16-22-18-20

This glitch is unknown.

If a piñata hits a green and triggers a multiball after the original ball has already fallen off, the multiballs will be frozen in the air. They unfreeze when you shoot again.

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