0. Getting Started
Peggle Blast Level 0
Get 25,000 points!
Clear 5 orange pegs!
1 Star
2 Stars
3 Stars
Very easy Very easy Very easy
25,000 75,000 100,000
Peggle Blast
Pegs (available)
  • 32 Blue Peg Peggle Blast
  • 5 Orange Peg Peggle Blast
Available balls
First Master
None (even after first time)
Very easy
Previous Next
Regular Level
N/A 2. Howdy!

Getting Started is the first level of Peggle Blast. It is actually a tutorial level which guides the player how to aim and fire. The player cannot choose any Master in this level, even if the player replays it. Being a tutorial level, it is very easy to beat.

Trivia Edit

  • This is currently the only level in Peggle Blast which does not let the player choose or use any Master.
  • This is currently the second level having the least amount of orange pegs (except the levels having no orange pegs). The first being The Key.
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