139. Bizzy Bee
Peggle Blast Level 139
Get 100,000 points!
Clear 25 orange pegs!
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100,000 200,000 300,000
Peggle Blast
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    Bizzy Bee is the 140th level of Peggle Blast. For the first time playing this level, you must control Phoebee unless you use real money to switch another master. To win this level, you must clear 25 orange pegs and get 100,000 score. There are 2 fireballs in this level. The position of orange pegs and green pegs change each time you restart the level. If you clear all the orange pegs, Extreme Fever will be activated, or Ultra Extreme Fever if you clear all the pegs, including blue pegs.

    Analysis Edit

    • The fireballs can be very annoying to the player, since Phoebee's Bee Bee Gun cannot wipe them out immediately.
    • The appearance of armored pegs and goop pegs make this level even harder without the help of the Bee Bee Gun.
    • The middle pegs make the level easier a bit, since if you hit them before moving around, the ball will clear all the middle pegs, thus making a good start for the player.
    • Style Points are very hard to occur; therefore, earning more stars could be hard without Buddy's Draggable Bucket.

    Tips Edit

    To win Edit

    • Restart the level first until you get at least a green peg in the middle.
    • Don't move around the target. Fire the ball immediately after you start the level to clear all the middle pegs to get 25,000 score and a free ball. Luckily, you may even get a free ball from Free Ball Bucket.
    • Use Bee Bee Gun to hit the armored pegs first. Bees wiping the fireballs out will be much more helpful, since there is a huge chance that you don't get any free ball.

    To earn more stars Edit

    • Do your best to make a Super Long Shot by hitting a round orange peg from far left to right.
    • Buddy's Draggable Bucket can wipe the fireballs out immediately. Use it as your advantage. Hitting purple pegs with a lot of pegs should get more score.

    Walkthrough Edit

    Peggle Blast Level 139

    Peggle Blast Level 139

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