181. Handsome
Peggle Blast Level 181
Get 200,000 points!
Clear all the pegs!
1 Star
2 Stars
3 Stars
Easy Medium Medium
200,000 400,000 600,000
Peggle Blast
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    Regular Level
    Level 180 Sky Gnomes

    Handsome is the 182nd level of Peggle Blast. For the first time playing this level, you must control Fnord unless you use spend 20 coins buying a master's credit. To win this level, you must clear all the pegs and get 200,000 score. There are gooped pegs and no obsatcles. The position of orange pegs and green pegs change each time you restart the level. If you clear all the pegs, Ultra Extreme Fever will be activated.

    Dialouge Edit

    Analysis Edit

    • The pegs positions are good enough to make Fnord's power more effective.
    • The level can be hard if the player is not familiar with his new power.

    Tips Edit

    To win Edit

    • Try to hit the green pegs first.
    • Try to use the power to hit all adjust lines.

    To earn more stars Edit

    • As Fnord's power can easily make Extreme Slides, you do not actually need any trick to get more stars.

    Walkthrough Edit

    Peggle Blast Level 181

    Peggle Blast Level 181

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