An Ultra Extreme Fever is almost identical to an Extreme fever, with the exception that the player will receive a Blue Ribbon and the text "Ultra Extreme Fever" when they clear every peg, including blues.

An Ultra Extreme Fever on Das Bucket.

How is Ultra Extreme Fever different to Extreme Fever?Edit

As seen in the image to the right, the bottom is lined with 100,000 buckets rather than 10,000, 50,000 and 100,000. You also tend to get lots more points, as you have to clear every peg.

How Can I Get an Ultra Extreme Fever?Edit

There are 2 main things you need to know before you go for an Ultra Extreme Fever. How to get one, and what Peggle Master to use.

How Do I Get Them?Edit

This is simple. Clear all the pegs. The most difficult thing is, the order to clear the in. So here's what you should do. Get your magic powers, then clear orange pegs as normal until either: There are only 5 orange pegs left OR There are only 5 balls left. When either of these occurs, start avoiding the oranges as much as possible and concentrate on the blues. Where possible, start a shot with the purple.

What Peggle Master do I use?Edit

These are usually stated in our level guides, but if they're not, use Renfield.

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